Roof Top Sedums, LLC works with architects, landscape architects, roofing experts and their clients. “Our passion is to help our clients identify their needs and create rooftop spaces that enhance their property regarding long-range return on investment, functionality, ease of maintenance, roof longevity, maximizing use of space and environmental stewardship.” Roof Top Sedums, LLC is respected as a Central Midwest regional expert within the green roof and green wall industry.

These projects demonstrate solutions that bring nature back into built environments by using the proven systems of LiveRoof and LiveWall. Roof Top Sedums, LLC has specialized expertise in the lightweight systems planted with hardy succulents known as genus Sedum. As the interest in native plants has grown, they increasingly include adapted and native perennial forbs and grasses. Native black-eyed susan, coneflowers and adaptive favorites like alliums, liatris and a variety of other well suited plants bring variety to the rooftop setting. Owners Teresa and Roxanne state, “We consider our clients preferences to customize plant choices for each unique space. We use our combined experiences and knowledge as a guide so that every client can achieve success”.

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