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Roof Top Sedums is a Licensed Grower for the LiveRoof® Hybrid Green Roof System and has become a trusted representative within the green roof industry over the past five years. Our company is steered by co-owners Teresa Nelson, ASLA, LEED AP BD+C, and Roxanne Nagel, Horticulturist, who bring both design and cultivating expertise to this developing industry. Roof Top Sedums is a certified Iowa Targeted Small Business, nationally recognized as a Women's Business Enterprise, and qualifies as an Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business.

Green roofs have become a standard component for many projects seeking LEED certification. They create many measurable benefits, such as storm water management, extension of roof life, mediation of roof temperature extremes, and re-creation of green space. In addition, green roofs provide opportunities for positive social impacts that are difficult to measure, such as creation of calming, serene places for inhabitants, which in turn can create improved moods and health, increased productivity, and inspiration.

Specifically regarding the LiveRoof® Hybrid Green Roof System, it is a hybrid system that interconnects soil to create a naturally functioning green roof. When all factors are considered (acquisition + installation + maturation + maintenance + longevity), it has the highest value and best ROI of all green roof systems.

The LiveRoof® System gives designers optimal design flexibility and creativity without the risk, helping them to achieve their project's design goals and functions. LiveRoo®f has design tools available, such as BIM components, Spec Writer, and a national network of experienced growers that are available to answer region-specific questions. The LiveRoof® System has patented and exclusive plant varieties not available to other green roof systems.

The LiveRoof® System gives building owners and businesses instant satisfaction with a fully-vegetated, beautiful green roof at installation. Certified installers are required to install the LiveRoof® System, which helps create an efficient, quality installation. Integrated components such as pavers and edging are available, which add beauty and function to the green roof. The LiveRoof® System is FM Approved, has a GSA contract, and has numerous warranty options available that allow flexibility with waterproofing components. Ultimately, this product adds function and value to a property, as well as marketing opportunities for the owner to use as a symbol of their commitment to sustainability.


  • Fast, easy, efficient installation by LiveRoof® Certified Installers
  • Integrated components such as RoofStone® and RoofEdge®
  • Creates an instant, high quality, beautiful green roof that Owners will appreciate
  • Established plants with 95% coverage at installation minimizes post-install maintenance needs
  • Existing modules are in stock for those last-minute decisions and early spring installations - first come, first serve!
  • Don't delay! We are getting contracts and orders now for the upcoming season. Get your green roof ordered now so we can grow it to your specifications and ship it by mid-summer!
NEW FOR 2012
  • LiveRoof® is FM Approved
  • LiveRoof® has a GSA Contract
  • 8" Maxx System is now available (this is a new soil depth option, in addition to the already popular 2 ½" Lite, 4" Standard, and 6" Deep Systems)
  • LiveRoof® Independent Overburden Removal Warranty (in addition to already existing warranty options such as the 20-year plastic module warranty, various plant warranty options, and a Full-System warranty option with Sika-Sarnafil.)
  • New levels of installer certification, including Diamond Installers and Elite Installers. Certification levels are reflected on and are a great marketing tool for you!
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