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August is here and, as usual, we're wondering where the summer went! Compared to last season's drought and extreme temperatures, this summer is definitely a welcome change. Green roofs in our region also appreciated the milder temperatures and increased rainfall.
118 E. College Street - Iowa City, IA

This green roof project was installed during late May by LiveRoof® Diamond Installer West Branch Roofing. The 528 sqft green roof surrounds a patio that will serve as a 49-person green roof terrace. The project is a unique development by the Moen Group which will include an 85-seat FilmScene cinema and a potential urban art gallery.

Online Course - Iowa State University

With school just around the corner for some, here's another great opportunity for learning: There is a new 8 week online interactive course called HORT 193F Green Roof Design, Installation and Management through Iowa State University. Current ISU students will be participating, but this course is also open to anyone interested for $150. The course will include a large quantity of images and videos in order to make it a visual learning experience. The course will cover the relevant details on green roofs based on the outline listed below and focus on real green roof scenarios, so even those already knowledgeable about green roofs will get something out of the experience. Contact Jennifer Bousselot, for more information.

Course Outline

Week 1 Green Roof History
Week 2 Green Roof Benefits
Week 3 Green Roof Research
Week 4 Green Roof Design
Week 5 Green Roof Preparation
Week 6 Green Roof Installation
Week 7 Green Roof Maintenance
Week 8 Green Roof Troubleshooting

Green Roof Maintenance

Maintenance is extremely important for the durability and beauty of your green roof. Now is the time to keep up with watering as needed and keep looking for any pesky weeds. Since last season was so hot and dry in our region, there may be some bare spots persisting on your green roof that could use some cuttings or plugs. Late summer is a good time to plant. If you need advice on what or how to plant, just let us know. We have a great selection of the toughest green roof plant varieties. And if you have been strapped for time to maintain your green roof this season, we do offer maintenance services. We would be happy to help keep your green roof looking beautiful.

Sedums and More!

Even though our name is Roof Top Sedums, we do offer a variety of plants to choose from to add to the beauty and function of your green roof. We know sedums are still the toughest and most durable green roof plants for our region that create unmatched coverage. This season we added several varieties of wildflowers and natives to our plant selection to increase functional and creative green roof design options.

LiveWall® and LiveScreen

The growing season always provides opportunities for new and unique ways to grow your plants. LiveWall® and LiveScreen® are great ways to showcase your beautiful flowers or grow a vertical veggie garden. The design versatility, ease of installation, and proven performance are unmatched. Contact us for more info and get yours today - you will be the envy of those with even the greenest thumbs!

LiveWall® and LiveRoof® Installation - Grand Rapids Downtown Market - Grand Rapids, MI

The Grand Rapids Downtown Market now has a living roof to complement its living wall. Installation was completed during late June on the 1,200 square foot living, green roof featuring three patterned plant mixes of yellow, green, pink, red and purple. While passersby may not realize the green roof is on top of the marketplace, it is hard for them to miss the living wall.

"It's spellbindingly beautiful and onlookers are literally stopped in their tracks, struck by its impressively beautiful display," says Amber Ponce, Business Development Director for LiveWall and LiveRoof, the Spring Lake-based sister company leading the market for green roofs and living walls. In keeping with the LEED Certified Downtown Market, the LiveRoof establishes a healthy, sustainable ecosystem covering rooftops with seamless vegetation. It now accompanies an 832 square foot outdoor living wall, perhaps the biggest in the state, which LiveWall installed in May.

A wall collage of green-hued plants was part of architect Hugh Boyd's plan to complement the Downtown Market building design. Grand Rapids-based designers Pete Lazdins and Michelle Hoffner, of Progressive AE, assisted in the selection of LiveRoof and LiveWall systems. Local general contractor Pioneer Construction, who built the Market, oversaw the living roof installation, which was completed by Dorr-based contractor Modern Roofing.

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The seedlings for Roof Top Sedums were planted in 2006, when co-owner Teresa Nelson collaborated on a green roof project with LiveRoof® LLC in Michigan. This collaboration led Teresa and her sister, Roxanne Nagel, to fill a void in the growing green roof industry and Roof Top Sedums, LLC began providing custom grown green roof vegetation for the LiveRoof® Hybrid Green Roof System from their family farm in Davenport, Iowa. In addition, they have added the LiveWall® Vertical Green Wall System to their product line, and are excited to keep growing and growing!

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