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This summer the sun was out, record temps dotted our region, and our green roof plants showed their true strength of survival. Our hardy plants proved that they can withstand the heat and provide cooling environments for the buildings they protect. The season has been busy at Roof Top Sedums, and we've been shipping out a variety of beautiful green roofs for projects all over our Midwestern region. We invite you to view a few of our most recent projects that are showcased below. Each green roof has its own uniqueness including challenging designs, various sizes, and building necessities.

Could your next project benefit from a green roof? Are you looking for ways to maximize LEED points? Green roofs offer substantial benefits, such as decreasing storm water runoff, lowering energy costs, extending the life of roofing materials, and mitigating the urban heat island effect. Roof Top Sedums is your regional grower for the LiveRoof® Hybrid Green Roof System, the Proven Hybrid System that combines the best features of all green roof systems. The LiveRoof® System offers savings benefits all around to installers, maintenance providers, and owners. Ease of installation, reduced maintenance costs, and natural function and natural beauty from day one benefit everyone!

As we roll into the fall season, we are looking towards an exciting 2012. Keep the LiveRoof® Hybrid Green Roof System in mind if you are planning a green roof for your next project. Whether you are in the beginning design stages of your green roof or just have a few questions, let us know how we can help get your green roof off the ground! At Roof Top Sedums, we pride ourselves on Growing Above Expectations. It's not an empty slogan, it's how we do business. Call Teresa at (563) 676-9775, email us at, or visit our website at Your company can be "green" year-round!


The LiveRoof® Hybrid Green Roof System recently became the first vegetated roof system to be FM Approved. The FM Approvals certification process is recognized worldwide and we are excited about the opportunities it will bring! Read more at:
We will be exhibiting at the upcoming AIA Iowa Convention on September 29-30, 2011 at the Polk County Convention Complex in Des Moines, Iowa. Look for us in booth #5.

Next month, look for us at the AIA Central States Regional/Kansas Conference on October 6-7, 2011 at the Bob Brown Expo Hall in Wichita, Kansas. Look for us in booth #84.
Roof Top Sedums, LLC is a 100% women-owned business, certified both as an Iowa TSB and nationally as a WBE. If you have green roof projects that have fulfillment requirements regarding these types of certifications, please let us know!
Historic City Hall at Valley Junction
West Des Moines, IA

This renovation of a Historic Building in West Des Moines was the first LiveRoof® System green roof installation in the Des Moines Metro Area. Over 300 square feet of LiveRoof® Standard 4" depth modules were installed during April by LiveRoof® Certified Installer Rochon Corporation. The green roof modules feature 15 varieties of mature sedum ground cover plants that created an instant and lush green roof as part of the building's initiative to become LEED certified. The Historic City Hall green roof was open to the public for viewing during the National Main Streets Conference Bash during May.
Genesis Medical Center, East Rusholme Street
Davenport, IA

This Quad Cities medical center had an existing rooftop of unattractive gray-colored rock ballast, which wasn't energy efficient or aesthetically pleasing for patients and their visitors. The hospital used donations to make this green roof become a reality for the facility. During November 2010, 4686 square feet of LiveRoof® Standard 4" depth modules were installed in the central area of the building to help improve patients' views. The project was completed this April by local LiveRoof® Certified Installer Roofing Technology. Now patients on three levels can look out their windows and see a lush covering of 42 varieties of green roof plants, eight of which were donated by Roof Top Sedums to the project, which create a pleasing pattern of green, red, and multi-colored sedum ground cover mixes.
Pinnacle Bank Corporate Headquarters
Omaha, NE

Pinnacle Bank needed their existing rooftop to perform double duty as a lively and welcoming entertainment area in addition to a protective cover for their Corporate Headquarters. This project was particularly challenging, as the installation involved a number of odd dimensions around bases of lights and canopies, which in turn required custom cutting by LiveRoof® Certified Installer Nastase Roofing on Omaha, NE. The result was a visually pleasing entertainment area of almost 2000 square feet with 14 varieties of sedum ground cover plants in a custom grown red-colored mix.
Illinois Department of Agriculture
Springfield, IL

This project was groundbreaking in a number of ways. First, this project was one of the largest LiveRoof® projects for the entire LiveRoof® Grower Network in 2010, with 20,000 square feet of LiveRoof® Standard 4" depth modules and 15 varieties of sedum ground cover plants. Second, the Department of Agriculture wasn't the only fan of our work - in the first available nesting season, three Killdeer nests have been observed since April, and Roof Top Sedums was able to broadcast live video of one of the nests, including mother, egg, and chick on
Kiowa County Commons
Greensburg, KS

This green roof installation, designed to LEED Platinum standards, was part of the effort to rebuild Greensburg, KS using sustainable materials after a tornado devastated the town during 2007. This roof uses 18 varieties of sedum ground cover plants, installed in a decorative pattern of red, yellow, and green using 6723 square feet of LiveRoof® Standard 4" depth modules. The green roof was installed during May by LiveRoof® Certified Installer Diamond Roofing of Dodge City and Manhattan, KS. The plants are irrigated using captured rain water, keeping them green and lush while reducing water use, especially during the hot summer conditions usually found in Kansas.
Silo Eco-house
Greensburg, KS

A second project in Greensburg, Kansas is a prototype of sustainable tornado resistant housing with a round, low, slope-domed roof. Extra LiveRoof® modules from the Kiowa County Commons green roof installation were generously donated by LiveRoof® Certified Installer Diamond Roofing to green approximately 800 square feet of the Silo's roof. The project, with its unique shape and dimensions, was a true test of a green roof installation, and we commend Diamond Roofing for its willingness to take on the challenge.
Iowa City East Side Recycling
Iowa City, IA

This project will be used as a sustainability demonstration building for public education, as well as the site of a multi-use facility with both Habitat ReStore and Iowa City Recycling activities. The project is designed to LEED Platinum standards, with 700 square feet of LiveRoof® Standard 4" depth modules installed during June by LiveRoof® Certified Installer West Branch Roofing. This green roof showcases 19 varieties of sedum ground cover plants, installed in a mosaic pattern of red, yellow, and green.
Whittier Building, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Lincoln, NE

The Whittier Building on the UNL campus which appropriately houses sustainability offices and classes, was the project site for the first LiveRoof® System green roof on campus. The interior courtyard of the recently renovated building received 630 square feet of lush and fully-vegetated modules. It was not only installed by UNL staff members, but the installation was featured on the locally popular Back Yard Farmer on Nebraska Public Television. This project used 630 square feet of LiveRoof® Standard 4" depth modules and featured a whopping 26 varieties of sedum ground covers, installed in a pattern of multicolored, pastel, and red mixes.
Parker Opera House
Mason City, IA

This is the second building in Iowa listed on the National Register of Historic Places that has incorporated the LiveRoof® System in its renovation. The Parker Opera House revitalization project utilized an I-JOBS grant from the Iowa DNR to help fund research equipment that will capture data using a weather station and water flow meter. The 800 square feet of the green roof was installed on September 7, 2011 by LiveRoof® Certified Installer Northern Cedar Services.
Green & Main
Des Moines, IA

We are excited about the upcoming installation of the LiveRoof® System that will take place next week in Des Moines at the Green & Main Pilot Project. The project is a mixed-use commercial building in the historic Sherman Hill neighborhood that was built in 1931. The project is part of an initiative to mix sustainability with historical renovation, and the project is on track to gain LEED Platinum status once complete. Installation will take place by LiveRoof® Certified Installer Silent Rivers.

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