RoofTop Sedums has been busy growing new LiveRoof®projects this year, and we’re excited to continue our growth with the addition of the LiveWall®Vertical Green Wall System, the next level in the beautification and greening of spaces through living plants.

LiveWall plants.


LiveWall®is an exciting innovation from the makers of LiveRoof®. It is designed to utilize plants in a variety of outdoor and indoor vertical applications of various sizes, including large commercial buildings as well as smaller spaces such as residential decks and fences. After numerous requests for a vertical growing system that works, LiveRoof, LLC looked at the existing models on the market, but found them to be too complicated and not capable of producing healthy plants. This led the people at LiveRoof®to ask “Why?”, and thus, the LiveWall®System went from concept to reality.





The concept stems from the fact that plants typically grow best in their natural state of growing vertically from the ground upward, so a system of planters was devised to use the right soil with the right plants and an integrated irrigation system to produce the best possible results. It is available as both indoor and outdoor versions of LiveWall® and LiveScreen® (mobile on wheels), each created and customized to serve different needs. Enhance spaces of walls, decks, and fences, and create improved experiences for the customers, including those at offices, retail spaces, restaurants, assisted living facilities, and the disabled.

There are numerous benefits to using a LiveWall®System:

  • Socially, planted living walls create a relaxing atmosphere, inspire creativity, and increase a sense of pride and place that helps reduce vandalism and littering.
  • Aesthetically, living walls bring color and interest to a space, and expands the usefulness of a building, creating an attractive addition to traditional siding treatments.
  • Green wall vegetation reduces the urban heat island effect by cooling the air and acting as a substrate for capturing pollution, reducing noise, and conserving energy by further insulating structures.
  • A LiveWall® Vertical Green Wall System can create a habitat for butterflies, insects and songbirds, along with potential opportunities for urban farming to grow your own herbs and vegetables.

Roof Top Sedums is proud to be a Licensed Representative and Grower for the LiveWall®System.

When you use Roof Top Sedums for your planting projects, you get the best. Period. Not only does Roof Top Sedums have many years of experience in creating customized and amazing LiveRoof®projects for clients throughout the Midwest, but they have a staff of passionate professionals who find innovative ways for customers to bring their surroundings to life.

Roxanne Nagel is a horticulturist, GRP, and co-owner of Roof Top Sedums, LLC.  Since 2007, she has played a significant role in the development of the company’s success as regional promoter and grower for the LiveRoof® Hybrid Green Roof System, and has begun a similar journey to promote the LiveWall® System in the region. Prior to becoming a co-owner of Roof Top Sedums, LLC, she obtained a BS in Horticulture from Iowa State University. As a college intern and during her post-graduation career, she held several horticulture positions at sites such as Mid-American Growers, ISU Reiman Gardens, EPCOT Center at Walt Disney World, Pioneer Hybrid, HM Buckley and Sons, Inc., and The Growing Concern. Just prior to her journey with Roof Top Sedums, LLC, she owned and managed a family greenhouse operation that included bedding plants, mixed containers, cut flowers, and fruit and vegetable production.

What we’re saying is that Roxanne and the Roof Top Sedums team knows plants, inside and out. They have an eye for color and design, but more importantly, they know which plants are going to thrive in specific conditions, and which ones will grow well together. Every project is unique, and every project owner has a different vision for how their spaces should look.  They know how to take that vision and literally bring it to life with the selection of the best plants in the best soil using an optimum vertical planting system, and help ensure that your plants don’t just live, but thrive.

Are you ready to bring a beautiful LiveWall®into your outdoor or indoor space?

Call Roxanne at (563) 505-7032, or e-mail the team at to discuss the different possibilities for your project.

To get more information about LiveWall®, and to be inspired by existing LiveWall®projects, click on this LiveWall®link to explore their website.

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