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Since its inception, the LiveRoof® System has transformed the public’s view and expectations of what a green roof can and should be in regards to function, beauty, and ease of maintenance.





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Roof Top Sedums is proud to help grow the green roof industry with LiveRoof, LLC, a pioneer in green roof systems out of Michigan. The LiveRoof® Fully-Grown Invisible Modular Green Roof System was developed by Dave MacKenzie, an expert on perennials, book author, and owner of Hortech, Inc., a wholesale perennial supply company. In 2001 Hortech consulted on and supplied plants to a 10 acre green roof in Michigan. In 2005, Hortech was asked by a customer in Chicago to improve upon green roof systems.

This request led to the development of the LiveRoof® Fully-Grown Invisible Modular Green Roof System, which was introduced nationally during the spring of 2007.

LiveRoof® Fully-Grown Invisible Modular Green Roof System:

The LiveRoof® Hybrid Green Roof System creates an instant green roof, as it arrives fully-grown so the owner can enjoy the immediate benefits a green roof will bring. It is horticulturist developed and grown for optimal performance.

LiveRoof® fully-grown modules make installation easy, discourage weeds, and don’t require the post-installation “farming” period of plant material establishment. This means reduced installation and maintenance costs for you.