LiveWall LiveRoof<sup>®</sup> Licensed Grower


The LiveRoof® Hybrid
Green Roof System may
only be installed by or
under the supervision
of a LiveRoof® Certified
Installer, and according
to the LiveRoof®
Installation Standardized



What is a LiveRoof® Certified Installer?

A LiveRoof® Certified Installer is a professional contractor who is trained to efficiently and correctly install the LiveRoof® green roof modules when they arrive at the job site.

The LiveRoof® Installation Standardized Procedures exists to assure quality installations, and must be strictly followed when installing a LiveRoof® project. A LiveRoof® Certified Installer then must complete a LiveRoof® Punch List document post-installation to confirm the installation was performed correctly. This is required to activate the LiveRoof® plastic module warranty period through LiveRoof, LLC.

How do I get Certified?

Once you’ve chosen to use the LiveRoof® Hybrid Green Roof System, designate an installer for your project. You can choose a LiveRoof® Certified Installer from the list of installers who have gone through the certification process and are approved to install the LiveRoof® Hybrid Green Roof System.

Or, let us know who your preferred installer is, and we’ll train your installer to become certified and give you the best possible start for your green roof system. Potential installers can contact us for class dates, information and materials to see if becoming a certified installer is right for them.

Installers must fill out an application to install and sign LiveRoof® Certified Installer Agreement documents prior to attending the certification class.